Teen Anxiety Over Financial Future

I am 15 years old and as an adult I want to be financially free, but. I don’t know why this thought gives me incredible anxiety, I am afraid of failing and ending up on the street, what can I do?


I am not sure what you mean in regard to financially free, but I do know that at age 15 it is perfectly normal to worry about your future financial security.  I know I did.  Anxiety is a part of growth and it is normal to feel uncertain in many ways, money is one of those ways… it’s human.  The question my young friend is how are you going to handle these feelings, because it doesn’t go away.  But those who handle anxiety effectively and to their favor are who society refers to as winners while the ones that don’t losers.  I mean that in general societal terms not literally.  At age 15 I was working weekends at Mcdonalds.  Most of my friends also worked, in one capacity or another, we thought nothing of it.  In my case, I was being raised by a single Mother, so money was tight, and if I wanted to have fun money then it was up to me to earn it.  I also bought a lot of my own clothing etc… It was no big deal, and by doing so I enjoyed a bit of independence.  I still played sports and did my homework, and maintained a B average, which at Seattle Prep wasn’t bad for a kid who was bored stiff by standard curriculums. Why I mention any of this as a precursor to answering your question is that life changes with each generation.  You are in a generation that is connected and feels somewhat or greatly entitled.  We did not.  There was no word like owed or entitled.  Each generation has its own challenges, that does not change.


Realize though that concerns about money and well being is a constant from one generation to another.  Like my generation, your generation will have its own challenges.  The health issues, runaway technology, defining its genders, as well as terrorism and the push away from a free society,  just to mention a few.  But again money and the need for it will always be in the forefront and a fact no one can deny.  One piece of advice that I will give you  Beware of those who tell you that money is not important as they are either an idiot or live in an alternate universe. My advice to you is going to be simple. I was given this advice from my Father, who was given the same advice from his Father.  Maintain your balance and focus!  If you wish to overcome your anxieties about money than realize it’s just a tool, not a God.  As a tool like any other tool, learn how to use it!  Tools don’t use you.  You use the tools.  This is a philosophy which will guide you well, from success to maintaining your integrity.   Learn to understand money and keep it in perspective at all times.  Another important piece of advice that I was not given in my youth but has become my life creed is ….. create your own life.  Don’t follow or listen to too many voices of advice.  Your heart and gut instinct more often than not are accurate and will lead your way.  Learn this sooner rather than later.  Expects mistakes and learn to cherish them as a learning tool.  Don’t be talked into another way of achieving success and security for you.


Don’t go to college because everyone else is …. don’t get a certain job because you were told to …. don’t just buy new upgraded gadgets because your friends did… don’t buy a house because it’s the thing to do … don’t just settle for eating fast food because it’s easy …. etc .. Don’t follow theirs just because. If you want something then focus and get it. Discover your talents early in life. Don’t wait for them to magically appear and hit you on, the head like I did …. explore yourself and get to know yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your abilities or lack of ….. don’t do what I did and wait until age 55 to realize that my true talents. Lol

 Go into the world without fear of failure ….. Whenever I have been around small children I can’t help but envy their complete lack of fear. There is nothing blocking their minds… no fear when they run into a wall, or fall down the steps, or eat that piece of plastic that looks like candy … LOL  Go into the world like that little kid!  Discover all you can about yourself and the world around you and most of all. … Fail and do so regularly until it becomes a success!  

Learn to enjoy the rollercoaster of life.  If you do so, the anxiety you feel will turn into a drug that you will crave .. you know why?  Because you learned to tame it, own it and wear it like a $10,000 suit!  Now quit reading this crap on your iPhone and get busy.

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