Questions come in all shapes and sizes!

“ So came up with this scenario, first I get a bunch of credit cards and cash loans. Then I max out all the credit cards buying stuff and then reselling them online.   Then I take the money from reselling and the cash loans and leave the country forever so I don’t have to pay for any of it.  Do you think I could pull it off?” asked by a young person on Social Media 3/15/2019.

Unfortunately as sound as you may think your plan may be, it’s fraudulent.  I am going to assume your question is more of a tongue and cheek test of one’s character, rather than a serious probe into the what if … so I will also answer it in the same spirit.  I am going to avoid the obvious lecture of right and wrong, as well as my Christian point of view of “thou shalt not defraud” the banking system.  And even though many including myself have often wondered if Satan himself invented the world banking cartel, still when its all said and done its plain old theft! Knowingly attaining credit with no intention or a good faith effort to pay back the creditors is illegal. (See Federal Reserve Act 5136A)  It is rare that it happens, as most people want to protect their credit and good name.  Theft is theft even if you steal from a thief ( tongue and check please.) LOL It is also possible and probable that this may follow you where ever you go.  Ask yourself, what amount of money would be enough to legitimize your plan of disappearance, let alone fund it? It would take a lot of bribe money for me to personally consider leaving my daughters, friends, and life behind.  Either way, it’s unethical, illegal and immoral and something I personally do not agree with.  And in answer to your question, no you would not likely get away with it.

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