You know that Credit Scores matter, especially if you’ve ever been denied a home or auto loan, pay high insurance rates or been denied a rental due to your credit score.  Our Credit Specialists at National Credit Resources work very hard to ensure our clients have the best credit score possible and that their credit reports are accurate and complete.  We developed our system by doing extensive research on consumer credit laws, credit bureau reporting requirements and working with dispute resolution experts.

Our dedication to our clients is 100% and we strive to get the best results as quickly as possible.


If you already know what you need and are ready to jump in, well you are our type of person!  Click on “Contact Us” and we will schedule your FREE credit consultation.  During the consultation we will review your credit report and discuss your goals.  Are you wanting to buy a home or refinance?  Maybe you are interested in a new car?  Or you need a loan? Talk to us, we can help get you credit worthy!